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Hosting a Seminar

We have seminar packages designed to allow you to experience this training at your school, risk-free and actually make money in the process!

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Contact us today and let us speak with you about a seminar at your location.

The Benefits of Hosting a Seminar

Hosting and sponsoring a seminar at your school or facility is a great opportunity to learn new materials, advertise your dojo and generate additional revenues. The material taught in his seminars will enhance and compliment your curriculum. Hanshi Luis Morales makes every effort to reinforce your teachings & martial art style as part of his seminar.

There is a seminar package designed to allow your participants to experience this training at your school, risk-free and increase your revenue in the process!

Extra Revenue for Your School

Some schools that have sponsored Hanshi Luis Morales in the past earned over $1,000.00, every 3-4 months in revenue without ever spending anything. Except of course, their time in helping promote the seminar to their own students and martial arts friends.

As you can see, it doesn't take a large number of attendees or excessive entry fees to turn a profit. All the sponsor has to do is make sure he or she gets about 24 participants at $60.00 per person.

Special Introductary price: First time Sponsor $1100.00 usd. Plus Expenses.

Standard Rate: $1500.00 usd. Plus Expenses.

Duration of Seminar: 3 hours.

One Hour Seminar: $500.00

Private Instruction: $150.00 per Hour.

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Take advantage and book your seminar now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a legitimate Professional Master with internationally recognized credentials, who has an abundance of knowledge and most important is willing to share it. All participants will be captivated, enlightened and will without doubt increase your perception of the Life-Protection Arts forever.

All seminars will be tailored to your group and continuing seminars will be built on the knowledge from the previous one. The Subject matter of any seminar can be selected.

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