Kenshi-kai Okinawa Goju-Ryu
North America Headquarters 

"Preserving The Old Ways"

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Our School - Okinawa Goju-Ryu Kenshi-kai Karate-jutsu Kobu-jutsu Association North America Headquarters
Our Dojo in  North Arlington NJ has always been known for its diversity, within our dojo, you will find students of all nationally. Our students also come from a variety of professions such as lawyers, electricians, postmen, computer technicians, Police officer, dancers, students, etc.

Our camaraderie has always been our strength. Our workouts are very hard but we all work together. New students are most welcome and are given the utmost encouragement and respect. Kenshi-kai Goju-Ryu Karate-jutsu places great emphasis on mutual practice, this being an excellent and proven way for people to develop respect for each other during the rigors of learning a martial art. It takes a great deal of cooperation, patience and communication to master Kenshi-kai Goju-Ryu Karate-jutsu and it is hoped these qualities will follow students into their lives.

We offer unparalleled martial arts instruction at extremely reasonable prices. Classes are taught four Days a week with daytime and evening classes for adults. We also offer private lessons that are available to fit your schedule. Of course, newcomers are always given a complimentary class and Kyoshi Morales and his staff of licensed instructor teaches all classes. Our classes are challenging, yet with a realistic curriculum. An Encouraging Environment to practice. Personal Instruction in every class. Real Life skills, that carries on day to day. A unique class experience every time. Professional Staff of Certified Instructors. A reat work out!!!  Budo (way to stop conflict) Quest Martial Arts serves as The North America Headquarters for Kenshi-kai Goju-Ryu Karate-jutsu Kobu-jutsu Association and The Headquarters for The Bugaku Renmei (Martial Science Federation).  The Dojo is a special place where we train ourselves both physically and mentally. The Dojo operates in a strict manner following the traditional rules of proper conduct. It is a place for succession of passing on the founder's teaching. It is the responsibility of each student to honor and sincerely follow those teaching. 

It is the responsibility of the Sensei and students to create a positive atmosphere of respect and hard work. Respect the founder and his teaching as succeeded and handed down by Sensei. Respect the Dojo. Respect your training tools. Respect each other and train diligently. The Dojo is the place where courage is cultivated and superior  human nature is bred through the ecstasy of sweating in hard work. It is the sacred place where  you cultivate the power of perseverance and the human Mind, Body, and Spirit are polished.